[ Buying ] Tons of Repeaters

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  1. I'm buying as many repeaters as possible for 24r each, a shop is set up on my 4th residence (Smp7 15015). Donations are accepted if you're feeling generous :)

  2. What is conn making? :p

    Randomzh used to sell them by the DC upon request, but that was like... a year ago.
  3. Tis a secret project ;)

    And thanks, I'll go throw a message his way :)
  4. Bump, price raised from 20r to 24r each
  5. I was just there and it appears that there has been a buying price reduction from the 24r stated above to 20r.

    What am I missing?

  6. Well that's embarrassing, I forgot to change the actual shop...I'll change it once I get back hom tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience
  7. Thanks conn!
    That works well for me, since I do not have the repeaters made yet anyway.
  8. Price now raised to 25r each

    (Changed the signs this time :p)
  9. If you don't mind paying an extra 2r (27r each) you can feel free to empty out all my shops. :p Res numbers are in my signature. I have 44 stacks in total and I can get more.
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  10. How many more stack do you need?

    Can you put a [preview] on the chest (maybe instead of the 32 sell sign)?
  11. I'm going to need a few DC's

  12. Okay I was restocking them and made a couple extra stacks for you :p Ran out of the cheap redstone deal I found though so if you want more and don't feel like waiting just buy from my shop for 27r. :p
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