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  1. Comment/ pm on your price!!! Im willing to trade!!!!!
  2. any logs or is there a one you want in particular
  3. Doesnt Matter:)
  4. alright i have 5 64 stacks of oak wood I'm selling 100r ea?
  5. Uh sorry i cant pay that much for 5 stacks. how about 50r each.
  6. how about 80 r ea?

  7. How about 50r. Im paying way to much for a stack of logs for 50r anyway.
  8. how a stack of raw logs are 80r
  9. How bout no then. 50r or nothing.
  10. Are you willing to trade?
  11. Stack of Oak Logs: Price Ranges: 65-79 Rupees.
  12. Well, that is still cheap accually
  13. Are you willing to trade or not?