[Buying] Tons of Iron, gold

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  1. Hi if anyone could sell me tons of gold\iron for a good price do pm me!
  2. What server?
  3. Ok I am at your res ready to sell you gold and Iron ingots.
  4. I am not at my res currently, I would go online later, how much for each iron and gold?
  5. You can go on smp4 and buy iron ingots 7r each. I have gold blocks too for 90r each. iron blocks are 63r each. 9 ingots in each block :)
    res is 8221

    Edit: Okay, the gold blocks are sold out at my res lol. Still have tons of iron blocks and ingots though.
  6. How about 6r each.
  7. i have lots of gold and iron.

    just come to smp4 at 8491
  8. If you can set up a chest at your res I can sell you so gold and iron.