[BUYING] Tons of Building Materials

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  1. If you have seen the "Biggest Storage on EMC" thread, or visited the Omega Warehouse at 7899 on SMP3, you will know it took A LOT of materials. We pretty much caused an oak shortage on SMP8 and SMP3.

    But now, we're building it AGAIN.

    So we'll be buying the following materials at 7899 on SMP3.

    Cobblestone- 175 R Per Stack
    Oak Logs- 175 R Per Stack

    We need a few DCs so hurry up before we're full!

    (Closing other thread as we are no longer buying at that price)
  2. I think I angered some people earlier by quickly unloading all my cobblestone and filling your shop chest. Mah bad. I've been saving up my cobble for an auction and when I heard you were buying at a great price, I was there like jumping jack flash, you know what I'm saying? :p
  3. Lol No problem, we need a lot of it. We've bought over 6 dcs of cobble and oak today.
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