[Buying] Those new Birthday Items things stuff

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Roslyn, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. I was asleep like a rock during these hours.
    So to my understanding there is a new Birthday Cookie, New Birthday Book and new birthday Pie?

    If you were there for this event and have any of these items and are looking to sell, please either post here/ PM me. I have seen screenshots for 2 of these so I am aware of what they look like.

    Looking to get them at the following (Negotiable too):

    Birthday Cookie: 50k
    Birthday Book: 35k (To my understanding everyone whom attended got this 1)
    Birthday Pie: 40k - 50k? (Have only heard rumors of this one) Debunked. Not Real.
  2. You can have my cookie thats pretty much all that was in the chest and a krysyy sig
  3. The Cookie and Book were available in every chest but the Pie is something I didn't hear of at the event, not sure if that one is real...
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  4. I just asked finch and she said it was a joke :p
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  5. Oh okay :)
  6. Every chest? How did you get these 'chests'? Did everyone get one? Or the ones who attended? Why is it so expensive then? Sorry for all the questions :)
  7. Everyone who attended part 1 of the Birthday Big Event part 1 stood on a candle on a cake and received the items in the chest next to that candle. I believe there were almost 180 chests, and pretty much all of them were taken. I heard people are buying them up for 30k, so that's not exactly *that* expensive :)

    Remember that these say 2016 Cookie on them and could potentially be the only ones released, unless they are given at other Birthday events too - another one is on tonight!
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