[BUYING] The fastest stone gen ever :D

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  1. If somebody can build me an ultra fast stone gen that has multiple layers and all that cool stuff, PM your price to build it I'll supply the materials. It will go on my second res (after I claim it)
  2. I can build as big as you want. There is a limit to speed because it takes a few ticks for the lava to 'cool', but it doesn't really matter because a bank of simple generators can make a row of 64 every second or two. A proper generator will make smooth stone rather than cobble, which mines just a tiny bit faster and can be collected with silk touch if desired.

    I haven't built a big one in a while because I seem to collect plenty of cobble while mining and nobody has been asking for cobble.

    I would just need the sticky pistons (more = faster), some redstone repeaters, and some obsidian (so you don't break the machine with high speed picks). A great use for a beacon is to put it on haste near your stone generator.

    I don't really need paid. You will want to fully understand how it works when I am done so you can maintain the machine in case of redstone glitch or other fail. Also, I would like credit for construction/design some place public.
  3. Well my 2nd res is my farming res, only I'll use it. I'll put a sign there that says you made it. It's a near-spawn res (203) so I guess if somebody is just randomly walking around they'll see it. I really like the speed you have here and I can supply everything you need. I have a beacon I'll be more than glad to stick there with Haste 2 so I'll try to find you in game :p