Buying teleports out of wild?

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Would you like the ability to pay (Alot) to tp out of wild or to a set home?

Yes 8 vote(s) 44.4%
Nah, this might be a little unfair... 9 vote(s) 50.0%
Other (post answer) 1 vote(s) 5.6%
  1. I was thinking how much of a pain it is to get back to town when far off in wild, and i was thinking "What if there was an emergency tp?" This would obviously cost ALOT, like 5-10k. But maybe also a /sethome, and everytime you teleported there it was 5-10k? (it would say "Are you sure youd like to teleport? TP fee is (insert decided amount here :p ) But it would make things alot easier, especially for supporters. But, I know someone will find a reason not to use it :rolleyes: But. its merely an idea, not a solid thing. Leave opinions below.
  2. 5-10k is a lot for single use. Maybe distance equals r?

    The equation could be:

    250 + 500d = p

    D = Per thousand blocks, P equals overal price, with an added 250r. You could only use it once a day to prevent spam. It wouldn't be very smart to have a set home or teleport IN to the wild, though.
  3. There's been talk of wild portals as a diamond perk, but I don't think emergency teleporting will ever happen -- that would make the game very much non-vanilla, and EMC is all about vanilla wilderness.
  4. Either way...
  5. I like the idea of distance=cost :)

    True :/
  6. in a differet topic i suggested the distance thing and a lot of people just shot it down :\ but i see others like the idea.. :p the vanilla thing would be the only thing preventing stuff.. but i think we have so much other stuff thats makes emc not really "vanilla" it doesnt matter..
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  7. This would be a great idea and it probaly wouldnt get used much because of the price but i think it should be priced for 100's of blocks like 250+200d=r
    d= distance
  8. To clarify better on this, the feature that is consideration is as justin called it "Personal Outposts".

    You know how we currently have 4 outposts that lets you get to other areas of the world to "spread out" the destruction, well the idea is to let players create their own. So its really no different than using the current outposts we got, and there will likely be a gigantic fee for setting one up that would make it completely ridiculous to use it as a way to repeatedly to go to and from town (unless your ridiculously rich and enjoy destroying all your rupees, which hey, that slows down inflation so go for it, removing it from the economy!)

    This idea is to help people who want to live out in the wild, safely, by going out really far where no griefer will walk to and then setup a portal so you can get back to town easy and not cut yourself off from the social and economic life of EMC.
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  9. And won't it just be the best thing ever? *bounces up and down in her chair like an overactive 3 year old*
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  10. As someone who lives in the wild, I cried a little when I heard him say its something he wants to make happen.
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  11. I think all these ideas are great, Maybe combining them a little would make them better? Like the distance cost+ the wild portals..?
  12. Whether these portals are made available will really go to the heart of what EMC is all about and answer a question definitively that until now I have only received partial answers and hints and clues: What exactly is EMC as an organization? Who is it I am giving my money to, and what is done with it (aside from running a server)?

    If EMC is a business with the intention of making a profit then these portals make all the sense in the world. "Donate" $50 to the business, and have enough rupees to buy a personal portal.

    If EMC is purely a gaming community without profit being the forgoing motive of it's organizers/owners, then these portals make no sense at all.

    Please understand that it is not my intention in the least to make a value judgemet regarding which type of organization is better or which I would prefer. Each has it's strengths to serve the EMC community.
  13. I don't think it's as simple as EMC being for "profit" or for "gaming". As I see it, the personal outposts are mostly a way to allow supporting players to add an additional layer of protection from illegal griefing for their wild creations. The reason that most of us build our bases so far from outposts is to protect them, not because that's how we would prefer to play the game. This leaves us out in the middle of nowhere, at an inconvenient distance from town and cut off from the social aspects of the game.

    Having supporters is vital to keeping EMC up, running, and current. Offering them perks only makes sense. I don't think anyone is out to profit from EMC. I think these wild outposts will enrich my gaming experience, if they come to be.
  14. Just get essensials and set warps
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  15. What is a warp?
  16. It a telaporting thing were u type /setwarp (warpname)
    And u can go back to that place by typing /warp (warpname)
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  17. Oh, yah, I'll just do that. How's it working for you?
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  18. Thats what we are discussing. it needs to cost money.
  19. Nevermind
    I meant if you get the plugin esentials then you could do the warps
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