[buying] Supporter Voucher

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  1. If anyone has a gold or diamond supporter voucher I am looking to buy and or trade. I am looking to use one this month and next, so please sell. :)
  2. How much you want to pay? 80k for gold is the most I would pay, 150k for a diamond. If this manages in some weird way to break an economy sec. rule, then I'm glad to delete, just suggesting prices. Nor am I selling them.
  3. I have no problem with this post, nor does it break rules. But I am unsure as to why it was posted :p I figure this is a price check? 75k for gold, 145k for diamond are normal prices.
  4. Oh okie :p
  5. Now it appears someone upgraded me to iron supporter, whoever you are if you decide to remain anonymous I would like to thank you a ton. :)
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