(Buying) Suppliers Needed for XD Mega MAll

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  1. AS you may already know xothis_dwarf and I are opening a mega-mall on smp4 at res #9500
    • We are looking for suppliers for anything
    • Post what you can supply and your price below
    • Or you can message me or xothis_dwarf
    P.S :
    It would be great if you can supply diamonds or gold

    Ice and the rest of the staff at the XD Mall:);)
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  2. i can provide around anything just in only a few stacks depending on the item, pm me
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  3. Thanks Ice and we need ores gems and ingot suppliers!!!
  4. please come to smp4
  5. that is my home server
  6. I can supply wool. Lots of wool, if I get paid good too.
  7. ok how much per stack
  8. 110r per stack. What will I get paid?
  9. sorry too much
  10. Ok, I can stock logs/ planks. 110r per stack.
  11. Ill go 90r per stack of logs.
  12. I can also supply mined items, like ores gems an ingots.
  13. ok I'll start a PM that is what I need
  14. The XD mega mall? Oh dear gosh.
  15. What?:);)
  16. X-othis D-warf
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  17. What, Happiness is a joy. xD <-- ( see what I did there)