[Buying] Super Horse! Paying Well!

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  1. Hello everyone. :) Unfortunately I am obsessed with horse breeding. I will pay 150k for a horse with 137+ speed, 70+ jump, and 22+ health. I have a feeling that no one has a horse like this, but I'll try anyway. If the speed, jump, or health is much higher than I indicated, I will pay even more.

    On a slightly less expensive note, I will also pay 50k for a horse with 130 speed, 80+ jump, and 25+ health. I will pay 60k if the horse is some type of gray, preferably gray none.

    If you have a horse like this and feel that my price is too low, reply here or send me a PM. If I like the horse enough, I am always willing to negotiate. :) Like I said, I'm obsessed.
  2. A god horse like that would have a set price of like 500k... that horse would be soooo hard to get!
  3. Weeelll, I paid 100k for my current 137, so I'm going off of that. xD But like I said, negotiable.
  4. you see, the 130+ is fairly cheap, but with that jump and health, isn't that over the promo numbers too, that would be at least 500k
  5. I don't think so. I've only ever paid 30k for an incitatus, even a high stat one. As for the 137, 100k is around the average price, according to the person I bought it from. He could be wrong though. :p
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  6. I found a 138 about 30k out by my iron farm.sadly I don't sell
  7. What a coincidence. :) Marshmallow is the one who sold me the 137.
  8. I got a knack :)
  9. Marshmallow, do you have any tips for finding them, or do you just find them randomly? :D
  10. It's luck. I usually spend 5 hours searching hundreds of horses until a I find one good one.
  11. My system for finding large herds is a well guarded secret
  12. Well, I think the only way to find large herds is to explore far out, unexplored areas in pure plains biomes. It's worked for me so far, but it really does take IRL hours to find a horse spawn. For me anyway.