Buying.... stuff.

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  1. I am building a hotel project on my Utopia Res and I am just asking if you would like to sell some materials at a much cheaper price to help with the cause. I am going to set chests to buy these things or you may donate if you wish :) (Soon to be my uhhh.... give me a name for the hotel. It was going to be Grand Majin Hotel but I feel something else...)

    I know this is a fail of a grey text but this is not my intention. Just to get a new color.

    Sand: 1 Stack - 30r
    Sandstone: 1 Stack - 85r
    Glass: 1 Stack - 45r
    Glass Panes: 1 stack - 10r
    Glowstone: 1 stack - 200r
    Red wool: 1 stack - 40r
    Spruce Logs: 1 stack - 40r
    Fences: 1 stack - 5r

    Now for a different color:
    The Highest donator gets a penthouse in my new hotel at the planned construction date of 2/18/13
  2. Might need to change the name a bit. It confused me, thinking you were going to buy some pretty bad stuff.

    I will probably donate, once I'm done with my giveaway.
  3. Just 5r for a stack of fences?!
  4. Like I said, MUCH reduced prices.