[buying ] stuff to stock my future mall!!

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  1. Hello everyone , I'm trying to start up another mall on smp9. But, I have been super busy with work and extra curricular. So I'm here to ask for your help! I will be buying all types of food , blocks, and wood (more later).
    So if you wanna make some easy money bring your extra stuff to smp9 res 19120 !!

    PLEASE do not buy from my store at this point in time. Buying will result in a temp ban from my res until the mall is complete.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Feel free to add suggestions, but please don't tell me my buying prices are very low i know they are, thats because my selling price is also very low I'm aiming for a very cheap mall in the long run!
  2. Why don't you just set up the boxes as sell only ?
  3. I was gonna do that , but I Dnt have my prices wrote down since I have not been not
  4. I have A TON of stone that I'll give ya
  5. Sweet that would be awesome I will be on tonight appx 11 pm eastern time , I just got back from vacation