Buying stuff again!

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  1. Hello minecraft friends! I am currently buying:
    Blue dye: 40r per stack
    lava buckets: 20r per 1
    glowstone: 15r per 1 or 960r per stack
    sulphur: 5r per 1

    Please comment if you have any of this you wanna sell :D thx
  2. you must run out of inventory quite often
  3. what ya mean, inventory?
  4. i meant stock for your shop or whatever you use your stuff on
  5. yer, i run out of stock quickly :p
  6. Your glowsstone needs to be more, like a 20r for 1
  7. ok i out it up 5r :p
  8. Geez.. Trying to get deals much? Way to cheap..
    If you really want I'll get you glowstone at 20r a stack.
    I'll do slimeballs at 53r a slimeball.
  9. I have slimeballs at my res on smp5. I think they was 45 or 50. Can't remember :D
  10. You buy lots of stuff. :)
  11. i have 2 saddles (or more). but it will need to be a higher price
  12. I'll sell you 35 sulphur and 4 stacks of blue dye.
  13. ok, ill buy 35 sulphur for 175r and buy 4 stacks of blue dye for 160r
  14. ok you can come to my res on smp1 and pick it up at 6:00 pm est, I will set up a access chest for you. :)
  15. I edited the post guys!
  16. I have a chest full of lava buckets. You can buy them from the basement of my shop in SMP8 or tell me where I should give them to you.