Buying string

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  1. Need quite a bit, and as I have absolutely no idea what the regular price of string is, offer away. I'll need about 9 stacks-ish.
  2. I can set you up, gimme a few.

    EDIT: Got 9 stacks, what price you wanna do on it?
  3. I actually have no idea-- sometimes I can find it for 1/3r each, other times 3r each. Would 1152r work? (2r each I think)
  4. im down for that, can you get it on utopia?
  5. :eek:
  6. Getting on now.
  7. Double/Triple/Quadruple Cave/Spider farm.
  8. :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  9. Hey, it's not that hard, actually. Just find an abandoned mineshaft, they're quite common in there. :)
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  10. it's quadruple ;)
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  11. If you don't have all you need. I sell string at 811 on smp1 :)