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  1. 18769 on smp9
  2. Please do not attack others or their goods and services. If the buyer is offering to buy at a price you think is too low, simply don't sell to them and sell to the player who is offering to buy at price you are happy with.
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  3. Thanks davie. You're the best. bump
  4. Well I will drag all my string out of the wild and sell it :D So glad i have a grinder :D
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  5. Woo finally someone with a spawner :p
  6. Remember you can haul more in as wool, and then turn it back into string.
  7. How can you turn it back into string? Im pretty sure you cant.
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  8. You can craft it I think
  9. Well i know you can make wool from it, but im not sure you can turn wool back into string.
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  10. You cant, you can only craft it into string, but maybe an enderchest would help, also if you had wild vault as well.
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  11. Oops, my bad. :oops:
  12. Soon u wont be to only one with a cave spider/spider spawner...
  13. I know that pab10s has many dc's of string
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  14. my fave Ironic supporter
  15. why dont we have here in emc Ironic supporters?
  16. they SHOULD be allowed access to utopia!