[BUYING] String

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by AmusedStew, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Title says it all, im looking to buy a DC of it, pm me and we can negotiate prices :)
  2. i have a SC if u want it for 2000r (I will try get a DC)
    COme to SMP3 at /v 6271 to pay and pick it up if u want it
  3. someone already sold me one like 10 mins after putting up this thread lol.
  4. arrrgghhh no do u still want it then?
  5. I might sometime else, keep it for me and when i end up mining the D of obby from the string i got ill buy a DC from you ;)
  6. ok sure i hav some obby fr about 3000r for 5 stcks to if u want it!
  7. Im mining my own to sell it lol.
  8. ok then lol i'll get a full DC of string and it ur when u want for 10,000r (negoite 5000r my lowest)!