[BUYING] Stonebrick

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  1. I need to buy 3 double chests of stone brick for my project at 5172 on Utopia. I am looking to pay 2k per double chest, this price is negotiable. You can either message me in game, on the forums, or one this thread if you are willing to sell me some.
    I won't buy in quantities lower then one single chest.
  2. I have two double chests of stone bricks already on Utopia, I'll log in now and see if your online.
  3. I have a double chest but i would need more than 2k. What would you really pay. Be fair. 3k?
  4. 2.5k?
  5. hmm ok. go to smp9, 19217, go to the building blocks section where the stone is the sign will be set up with your name on it.
  6. Paid and collected
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