[BUYING] Stonebrick and Dark Oak logs

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  1. As the title says I need lots of stonebrick and dark oak logs for an upcoming project on smp7. I need to buy a DC of oak logs and 4 DCs of stonebrick. You can either sell them to a shop sign at res 14459 on smp7, or PM me on the site. I am buying the dark oak 1 for 3r and the stonebrick 1 for 1r
  2. I will sell you about a SC of stonebrick. Its coming right now.
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  3. I have all the stonebrick you need and I'll bring it by later if I have a chance. You may want to pay slightly more for your dark oak, as many malls are buying it for 144r/stack. I don't have any though.
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  4. Now buying the dark oak for 3r a log!
  5. I'll stock some dark oak too.
  6. Apparently I forgot to post in here saying that I no longer need stone brick. Thank you anyway though :)
  7. I see in the post you crossed off the oak logs too. So is it safe to say you found everything?
  8. For now yes. But I may have to to buy more stonebrick later.