[Buying] Stone, Glass, and Polished Granite and Andesite

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  1. I'm currently buying vast quantities of Stone, Glass, Polished Granite, and Polished Andesite for my current construction project. I am buying for 12r for each stack. The shop is located at my residence spawn, located at 8360 on smp4.
  2. I am still in desperate need of each of these items. Construction has begun, but cannot continue much further until more resources are obtained. I will be upping the prices to 20r a stack, so please come to my res and sell all these materials if you have them
  3. I no longer need any glass, so that chest shop has been taken down. In its place is one for Glowstone. Same prices and quantities as the rest.

    Andesite is a big necessity as the res that I'm building is using it for the floors, which cover the whole lot.
    Stone is also a big need, as I still have to do the basement walls, as well as the walls in the surface floors of the tower.