[BUYING] Stone, Cobblestone & Glass

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  1. All bought!
  2. still looking for more
  3. I can give you at least a DC of cobble and some stone. I'm not able to get on till Friday ( maybe Thursday) tho.
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  4. Sounds good, just sell when you can :)
  5. Bump

    Why isnt anyone selling me cobble?:confused:
  6. I can get you about a DC of all 3 by Saturday?
  7. Because cobble sucks? :D
    I should be able to help out some. See what I can do.

    Edit: It would be helpful if you posted an update to the quantity needed more specific than "need more."
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  8. Sounds good.
    I still need 5 DCs of cobble and 2 DCs of stone :)
  9. 9397 smp4 has 4 dc of cobble @ 35/stack:D
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  10. Does your OP changed to "All Bought" mean you need no more?
  11. Yeah, got all i need - for now. Thanks.