[Buying] Stone Brick

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  1. I'm looking to buy one double chest filled of stone brick for around 2520r "45r per stack" pm of you are Interest and we can work out a deal to some sort :)
  2. 50r per stack at 16803.
  3. Ill have this done right away :)
  4. Awesome thanks, I would do it myself but don't feel like standIng a hour in front of my gen collecting cobble stone :p
    Just tell me when your done, oo yea you every get cobble from that one thread I haven't heard a word in a while
  5. lol Nope ! I hate people who cant do there job
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  6. Haha a.d.d I guess and I ws looking for that 20 stacks of cobble was going to use them :/ lol
  7. lol who me?! and ooh and im almost done making the stonebrick to :)
  8. Haha na the guy doin the cobble stone orders, my Internet is currently down trying to fix it :p
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  9. Ok i am done with your stonebrick :) Where do you want it?
  10. I come get it from smp1
  11. Hello again :D Looking for someone with alot of stone brick like 2 dbchest of it just pm about this
  12. I have a bunch of Stone Brick at 18648 on smp9
  13. okay i come check it out right now if my internet lets me ;) storm passing thro
    Edit: its not letting me :oops: i come by tomorrow or so to check it out
  14. I am going to buy it all so you can't muhahahaha.:p
  15. :eek: you monster lol jk. My internet signal and the Storm is trolling me right now:confused:. I prolly need even more after i get a hold of a dbchest of stone brick
  16. 40r per stack I think at my res.