[buying] Stone Brick, Glass

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  1. I'll get to the point. i need a good 10 stacks of Stone Brick, And 10 stacks of Glass. price: 10,000 Rupees (NEGOTIABLE). if you're interested, Just post here.
  2. Great prices! This is a major deal for the seller.
  3. 5k and I ll get the stone brick done.
  4. I can give You the stone brick for 5k
  5. terry, its urs
  6. Oh I was late! Dont You want another stuff? ( not glass)
  7. I can try to get the glass done for ya ASAP ;)
  8. I'll post here when I'm done and it's ready ;)
  9. facu, i need nether brick. 5 stacks, 5000r cuz its rare
    again, price negotiable
  10. Ok i will get it soon
  11. Glass has been delivered ;)
  12. I could get you another 5 stacks of nether brick for 5k on top of facu's 5 stacks if you would like, I have tons in storage...
  13. Take into account that I am first
  14. facu gives first, then if i need more stads can give. thanks y'all! your all great!

    EDIT: i goin 2 bed now so back in 9 hrs
  15. I'm here! Waiting for u../..
  16. Yes I know ;)
  17. Alrighty just let me know either through replying to one of these posts by me on this thread or on my profile or something okay?
  18. lol I saw that...
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  19. terry, ur getting 10 stacks of STONE brick, facu is getting 5 stacks of NETHER brick.