[Buying] Stone and Stone Brick

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  1. Hey guys! I'm buying multiple DC's of Stone and Stone Brick. I'm paying 450 for 9 stacks of stone and 500 for 9 stacks of stone brick.
    2700 per DC of Stone
    3000 per DC of Stone Brick

    I'm gonna be buying a TON, so please come to my res on smp 5 (11097) and sell me your goods :D

    If all chests are full, message me and I'll set up more :D
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  2. Why different prices for stone and stone brick..?
  3. Pure laziness.
  4. So he doesnt have to craft it lol.
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  5. I might be-able to mine a few DC for 3k per on stone....
  6. To save a little bit of pocket change (That will add up quite a bit) I'm gonna keep my price at 2700, sorry.
  7. lol. i'll take 300r per DC of stone to turn it into stone bricks xD
  8. I will get 9 stacks of stone brick as soon as I can and when I got it ill set up access chest for you with it in in and you can pay me
  9. Check the chests at 3511. I think there are a few double chests lying around.