[BUYING] Starter Tools

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  1. I gave mine to Todd, maybe he'll sell them to you. Had 3 starter boots/helms/chests/legs/horses/picks/swords/books

    As for the empire assistants, just /assist new on each smp. You can do it once per 48 hrs i think, but on each smp. So 10 every 2 days.
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  2. oh sweet thanks!
    EDIT: When i do /assist, i don't get the compass, i get a GUI
  3. Its been awhile since i've played. Whats an Empire Assistant?
  4. the Empire Assistant is a compass/GUI that will help you with commands and other info in game
  5. I now have the empire assistants that i need, i just need the other stuff
  6. Yeah it's /assist new
    Not just /assist :)
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  7. I got a starter pickaxe and a starter sword. Interested?
  8. I assume you are only buying the new ones?
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  9. pickaxe for 300r? I am good on swords
  10. yes
  11. Wait... your on about the new ones? I don't have the newer versions sorry :S
  12. If you want I can sell you a set or two.


    Pretty much all you want except sword. Also got the old starting armor.
  13. sorry, only paying for the pieces that are in the op
  14. 1 set of armor for 1k?