[BUYING] Staff-Signed Books

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  1. I recently started a collection of staff-signed books. I'm currently looking to expand my collection so if you have a book signed by staff I'd be interested to buy it, start a conversation with me :)

    I already have the following staff's books, so I will not buy them:

    If you have any others please start a conversation with me stating your price range :)
  2. Bump, edited the list of books I have!
  3. I wish I could help you here, but I don't have any :(
    Sorry ;/
  4. That's fine haha. Still buying :)
  5. i have alexchance tikiman678 5weety and dwight5273

    also have a ton of famous players
  6. Please start a conversation with me including a list of the books you have and your price range for each book :)

    If you want you can also include the title of the book and what the book mainly says when you read it, but that isn't mandatory :)
  7. I have a ton: at least 20 of former mods, admins, mods and Sr. Staff
  8. Very interested, PM me a list of the names and your price range, any other information you may want to give is optional :)

    (if there's a funny saying or whatever inside I might pay more than a personalized book or a blank one)
  9. Bump!

    Still buying books that aren't on the list in the OP, if you've got one start a conversation with me :)
  10. Bump! Still buying
  11. I thought I would say something, so I say, hi. How was vacation?