[Buying] Staff Heads

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  1. I have a museum on smp3 (res 6004) and I am very close to finishing it. I just need some staff heads. So I have come to the forums to ask for your help! I am willing to do: trades, ruepees, loan, and also for staff members if they read this thread I am willing to not trade or sell your head and it just be used for the museum.

    Heads I need:

    Orange Krysyyjane Head
    Purple Krysyyjane Head
    B4DMAN5IMON Head
    MrSocks75 Head
    Melk73 Head
    Dreacon78 Head
    Seffychan Head
    iamcavie Head
    Aphaea Head
    crystaldragon13 Head
    Baradar67 Head
    Dramanya Head
    Breezyman Head
    Damiensmom11 Head
    AnonReturns Head
    ElfinPineapple0 Head

    If you have a offer please pm me on the site. ;)
  2. I believe there's only one 5imon head in existence...
  3. Yes I know.
  4. You still have my purple Aikar head right?
  5. Yes Sir. It's being moved right now from the bottom floor to the top beside the other admin heads
  6. Bump! I added Damiensmom11 to the list. I thought I had her but turns out I don't.
  7. When I get on I can mail you a CrystalDragon13 head, I found out I had 2 of them sitting in my alt account's vault. No need to pay, just spreadin' the kindness of giving away my extras :)

    Edit: Sent! You'll see a long mail message from my alt too xD
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  8. Thank you so much your kindness was greatly appreciated!
  9. 5 heads down 9 to go!
  10. 2 new heads added to the list. :)