[Buying] Staff heads

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  1. Hey EMC, now I am searching for staff heads!
    The list is currently..

    The rest I either have, or arent interested in them due to price or arent very active in game.
    Either a pm on the site, ingame or on the thread would be amasing.
    Thanks! :)
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  2. The only staff heads that I currently have (that are currently staff) are battmeghs and Silken_thread but I don't really want to part with them.. I wish I had an Aikar or Kryssy head but alas, I do not.. I do technically have Max's head but everyone got one when they came out, so they aren't technically rare.. :oops:
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  3. Man, I just sold my last krysyy head...
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  4. I do have both of those so I dont think I will be needing them as of now, but thanks! :)
    One of the few I really need lol
    Still need these listed :)
  5. Updated list, now only needing a BigDavie player head!
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