[BUYING] Staff Heads

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  1. So uh title says it all, the ones I have and will not buy are as follows:
    • RobbieJ0
    • bitemenow15
    • Deathtomb8953
    • krysyyjane9191
    • chickeneer
    • Aikar
    I will buy heads with any price range, and I will buy from player or staff member themselves if they wish. Just shoot me a PM with a price and the staff member's name.
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  2. Death sells them himself for 50k. all you have to do is PM him. I know there are currently 6 krysyy heads available at the moment. One is owned by xHaro_Der who refuses to sell it at any price but i do not know anymore.
  3. the ones you listed are the ones I have already :p might wanna clean up the introduction....
  4. I am sorry. I am such a derp. Jackbiggin sells his for 10k and shaunwhite trades head i think
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  5. I know it is a short bump for a products/businesses thread but... uh I wanna get mah collection up :)
  6. chickeneer and 5weety trade for theirs
  7. Still looking for moderator heads... :)
  8. Chickeneer, 5weety, and Shaunwhite1982 all trade their heads, if you are willing to trade. This is now confirmed by the Hash himself!
  9. Havent gotten around to go suicidal yet :p, buy heads in the meantime...
  10. I'm pretty sure you can buy JackBiggin's head for 10k somewhere on his smp7 res :3
  11. I'll sell you Shaun's head, PM me.
  12. Could not find his res, says he doesnt have an smp7 res.

    Also, im buying still...
  13. Still buying!
  14. Yes, I am still buying if you are wondering. 1500r bonus for anyone who sells me a head today 12/25/13 (one that isnt on the list... or one that you can trade heads with)
  15. Still buying... :)
  16. Just gonna bump this...
  17. Still looking.... :)