Buying Staff Heads / Player Heads

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  1. I am interested in buying Staff heads. At the moment I currently have
    • Krysyyjane9191
    • Eviltoade
    • Dramanya
    • Manchildie
    • BlackKnight
    • LuckyGreenbird
    • Uber_corq
    • SeffyChan
    If you have something other than the ones listed here, please reply with what you have and how much you're looking for.

    As for normal player heads ill pay 15r per player head.
  2. Well, I have a DC of normal player heads which would make it 1485r... doesn't seem right. But I have a SeffyChan head if u need one of hers :)
  3. I have krysyy's head and a DC of player heads. :) PM me a price for both and we can negotiate.
  4. He said in his post that he's looking for heads which aren't on the list :p
  5. Check out my first resident. I have I think 3 dc's of player heads you can look through and purchase :)
  6. dang ok xD but I still have a DC of regular player heads.
  7. I have seffy's head if you're interested.
  8. I am no longer looking for a seffychan head :) Thanks though.