[ BUYING ] Staff Books And Heads

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  1. If you have any of these please let me know if you will sell thanks.

    BigDavie: Head
    Ignoramoose: Head
    bonzd67: signed book
    bloodra1n: Head
    PirateOfDW: Head and or signed book
    Damiensmom11: Head
    B4DMAN5IOM: head and or signed book
    margiritte: signed book and or head
    hatorijr: head and or signed book
    just_five_fun: signed book
    Torian42: head and or signed book
    silken_thread: signed book
    AZHamster: Head
    Dark_Nidus: signed book
  2. When you say you are buying Maxarias heads, only the Maxarian Head exists, no player head forms have been released. :)
  3. I know, thanks for telling me.
  4. also some of the heads there is only 1 of them out there so unfort wont be able to get them ;/ some of them there are no heads out there
  5. I know i am just putting them all in to make sure because i dont 100% know whos is out and whos is out.
  6. I thought if you complete the mob arena parkour, you can get a real max head, not a promo...
  7. You get the "Congratulations" Signed book by Maxarias (Which costs you to buy). I have one on SMP9 if you want to see, but there is no head involved at the Mob Arena Parkour :)
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  8. oh ok, i probably heard book when i was told, i just forgot :p
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  9. i sent you a pm about a head. Not sure if you need it, but it is still out there.
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  10. I have an AlexChance book. How much are you willing to pay?
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