[BUYING] Stacks and stacks of Glowstone

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  1. What?: From today until I have a full chest (I'll let you all know when/if that happens), I'll be buying whole stacks of glowstone for 512r 704r each!

    Where?: SMP5, residence #11111! You can find the shop set outside of the castle by the front steps!

    Why?: I need a lot of glowstone to continue my project. You see, I hate having to go into the nether due to the obvious hazards it presents. So far I have not been able to find any stores that sell glowstone cheaply enough, so I've set this chest up to solve both these problems.

    And I mean just look at 11111 right now:

    Imagine how much better it will look in the future with your glowstone in there, filling the final holes on the side of the castle! What's more though is that if you sell me your glowstone, I will be sure to pay homage to you in the Entry Hall. Your name will appear on the walls thanking you for your donation! I'll be sure to check my rupee history to see who sold what to me, so don't worry about being forgotten because you won't be!

    So come on down! You'll help me and yourself by donating lots of delicious glowstone! Res #11111 near the front steps is where you can find the shop! And remember: Your donations will be much appreciated!
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  2. I guess this is the time for the guy with a single chest of glowstone that is unneeded to liquefy it!
  3. Never mind, I'd rather sell mine for about twice as much. :(

  4. UPDATE: You will now recieve 704r per stack! I decided to bump up the monetary compensation, as it was very low before. Thank you!
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  5. Looks like it is time to whip out the ole' villager eggs and get the Green_Mystery some glowstone :D
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  6. I'm willing to pay 1344 for a stack I'm not paying 11 rupees per! My shop sells for 21 r.
  7. Weren't you moderator cuz you helps me out a lot
  8. WoooƵ it worked!
  9. I don't think I need to tell you that it's not good to

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