Buying Squids In Town

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by apamment, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Maybe this could be added to the guide on the special purchases page, but squid despawn. If you're like me and think it would be cool to make an aquarium in your home, don't "/purchase animal squid" they vanish when you leave the area it seems.
  2. Yeah I don't know what to put. It seems all animals despawn sometimes, from what I hear they are trying to change it in the game. I did put a warning message in the /purchase animal. But you are right maybe adding it to the guide :)
  3. I thought it might be a risk, as I've seen them despawn on my single player, but wasn't sure if it was the same on SMP. I couldn't find any info on the squid page on the wiki. My guess is they've changed the despawning when they introduced breeding but didn't do squid as they can't be bread, maybe they'll fix it.
  4. That is probably a good guess. I thought before like 1.8 squids were the only animal that didnt despawn...
  5. this is y my farm is empty... going to wait for the update