[Buying] Spooky/Not Spooky Eggs!

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  1. Hello EMC!

    I am interested in purchasing Spooky Eggs and Not So Spooky Eggs! I am currently collecting them, they are by far my favorite promo :p I am not sure why, just something cool about them haha. If you guys have any offers please PM me or leave a comment on this thread! :D

    spooky egg.png <---- Super Spooky irl Eggs
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  2. Spooky egg? I wasnt here for last few promos. Please fill me in.... ;)
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  3. Empire Minecraft has a wiki for all things Empire Minecraft. It contains info on all promos, events, and pretty much everything else. Here's the link you need: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/spooky-egg/
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  4. It's a useless promo :p I just think its insanely cool for some reason lol so I want a bunch of them
  5. Is there a link to this 'Not Spooky Egg'? I'd love to acquire one as well lol
  6. I will take a look when I get home :p
  7. http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/spooky-egg/ it actually seems there is only such thing as a spooky egg?:confused: I always thought there was not so spooky eggs. Someone please correct me if I am wrong :p
  8. Could have sworn I saw a thread about the Not Spooky Egg. Something about it not being stack-able. I have the Spooky Egg.
  9. Yeah I thought I recalled hearing people talking about not-so-spooky eggs :confused:
  10. They were the renamed eggs that they dropped. You can make them in an anvil yourself, similar to Not Special Dirt.
  11. Ohhh...time to make a bunch :p
  12. Aikar edited them where they won't stack with normal renamed eggs so they're not entirely like not so special dirt and do have a worth. =P
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  13. But that one aspect is honestly going to be such a hard sell.. You need to test its legitimacy for every trade, it just doesn't seem cut out to be a feasible rare item.
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