[Buying] Spider & Pig head (actual)

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in search of these two mob heads for my res that actually look how they are supposed to opposed to the usual Steve head. Pm me for prices and stuff, I appreciate and anticipate your response.
  2. I'm confused about what you mean by this. Could you please clarify?
  3. I have recently acquired both of these heads myself by killing the mobs, but they appear to me as steve and girl heads instead of the spider and pig head appearance.
  4. I also have a Spider head that looks like steve maybe its a bug?
  5. I think this is something to do with the heads not looking right since 1.8. The only heads that seem to look right are Skeletons, Zombies and Creepers. All other heads, including player heads look wrong :)
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  6. That is most likely because the server is not fully 1.8 yet?
    I use the 1.7.5 client to play EMC right now and I have no problems seeing the correct heads
  7. One of the last updates makes it so if you are using anything higher than 1.7.5 the pig and spider heads show up as steve. Use an older version like 1.7.2 thru 1.7.5 to see them properly
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