[BUYING] Spawnside Residence

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  1. Hello all,

    As some of you may know, I have been looking for a spawn res for my skyscraper project for some time. As my searching as been unsuccessful so far, I'm going to try this route and advertise here.

    I am looking for a residence next to spawn. Corner lots are not out of the question but I would prefer to obtain a side-lot. No specific SMP is required, I will accept offers from any server other than Utopia. Note that I specifically am offering to pay for the rights to claim the lot after the owner unclaims it.

    I understand this may not produce too many results, but at this point I'll try anything :p

    (by the way, if this type of thread is not allowed, please close it)
  2. ~bump~

    As a side note, it is likely if I do not find a more suitable location within a week or so, I will abandon my pursuit of a spawn-side lot and settle with 4007 on SMP4 for my project. I am willing to spend up to 100k on a side-lot in a good location, so if you own one, please consider your options!
  3. I think that there is some derelict ones on SMP7 next to spawn.
  4. I have acquired two corner lots (8007 on 4, 12001 on 6) and would be willing to trade one or both of them additionally for a spawn side lot. The offer won't be available for much longer, perhaps another week or so. So if you own a side lot next to spawn, I'm still interested! :D