[BUYING] Spawners and such

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  1. Tired of having finding a spawner but unable to get rid of it? Well you have come to the right forum!
    I have a list of prices you can sell your spawners to me for!

    Zombie - 1250r
    Skeleton - 2000r
    Spider - 1750r
    2x Zombie - 3000r
    2x Skeleton - 4500r
    2x Spider - 4000r
    3x Zombie - 7k
    3x Skeleton - 10k
    3x Spider - 9k
    1x Blaze - 6k
    2x Blaze - 20k
    3x Blaze - 45k
    Other Info:
    Spiders are same as Cave Spiders
    0-1000 blocks away from spawn + 0
    1001 - 3000 blocks away from spawn + 500r
    3001 + blocks away from spawn + 1000r
    I will price adjust as needed.
    I do not buy quadruple because to me they are not needed. If I get more than I need, I will start giving grinder locations away. :)
  2. Any extra for Utopia?

    How about e.g. cave+skelly (within 16)?
  3. I have a spider one pm if interested!
  4. I have a couple of skeleton and spawners and a spider spawner in the the old mine
  5. 3xBlaze only 45k? You sure?
  6. I have about 5 double spawners left i need to sell...
  7. These prices are pretty low I would suggest raising your buying prices...
  8. I have a quad spider if your interested. If you want you could use it only as a triple spawner
  9. Another?!
  10. I should note: thIs is for people who don't care about the spawners they find but just a little mOney
  11. Manglex and I have a legit business man
  12. You will be loaded, i spent over a month and a half on smp6 looking for a triple, and came up with nothing. I wish i knew how to use spawner finding magic!