[BUYING] Spawner

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  1. Hi.
    I'm offering 2k for a zombie spawner, preferably in SMP4, and please do NOT find it in a Jungle Biome. I would prefer if it wasn't so far away from spawn, like it would take me 20 minutes to get there.
  2. Those dang jungle biome spawners. :)
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  3. Umm, I have a zombie spawner on SMP-1, 10 minutes away running, but not going to sell it...sorry...but maybe when I am finished getting all the enchanted tools I want I will sell it to you:D
  4. I kinda want it in SMP4 though, Ill see in the future
  5. I'll see if I cant find any more spawners on my exploring of the wild.
  6. K ty Paranoid.
  7. hey im on smp4, if u find the spawners at the place you want it built, ill build it for you!!
  8. Nah, I know how to build one. KasperMC's design to be exact.
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  9. Please? xD
  10. Nobody? I want dat spawner.
  11. hey im selling a spider spawner on smp9
  12. i have 8 spawners for you 1 zombie 2 skelly 2 spider 3 cave spider how much u offer?
  13. all spawners on smp3
  14. Well, I'm not sure about the 8x spawner. What's your offer? Cause I only got like 22k. :( and no, I don't need a spider spawner
  15. Oh, and Chris, are they close to each other? Man, I am so bad at reading this. I'll buy the Zombie