[Buying]Soulbound 'Getting Started' Book

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  1. I know odd thing to be looking for :p I'm looking to buy this off someone if they have it.

    This is the version I need:

    This is the only version I have:

    If you have one that you'd would like to sell, please PM me. Just the soulbound version is what I need.

    Thanks :)
  2. Bump.

    These do exist right? :D
  3. How do you even get them, I took mine recently but got the one you have
  4. I think I might have one, as I've got a few of those books from a long time ago. I'll see. If I do, I wouldn't have a problem with giving one to you free of charge.
  5. The soulbound ones would have been the old version if you claimed it a while back.
  6. According to the wiki, there was an intial un-soulbound version (the image of my book) a soulbound version (the one I'm after) and the version given out now that replaced the book I am looking for. At least that's what I made of the info provided :p

    I will send you some gold blocks for your trouble lol
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  7. /promo newplayer for one of the versions and then the tutorial for the other one I believe, Soulbound was the one from the /promo I think...? Just for those that are wondering why there was one with and one without the attribute :p
  8. This had to have been after I joined then because I claimed that book on all my accounts but only have the un-soulbound versions :p

    Thanks for the info though :)
  9. Maybe it was the other way around? I can't quite remember :confused: Not sure why they did one with and one without, but oh well :p
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  10. Got the one you sent me. That's the new ones that people get now :p I'm wondering if these even exist :D
  11. I have one, so yes, they do exist. :p If I can find an extra one, I'll send it your way. :)

    Edit: I know I had another one, but accidentally wrote in it so it lost the Soulbound attribute :c
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  12. Had two until last month. Placed them in a chest somewhere in the wild cause I couldn't drop them. If you want to look for them they're in smp5 frontier, somewhere inside a 10,000 square radius from the spawn. Most likely :D
  13. Oh ;-; if it's not the one you wanted, can I have it back :p
  14. Yup I'll mail it back.
  15. Here's a picture of the book I need:

    Figured I'd post this as a few people have sent a different one :D Thanks to Doofni for the preview chest of her copy.
  16. I have two copies how much you willing to pay
  17. How much you do you want for one of them?
  18. I found out I do not have two copies of the starting guide, but I have getting started, Empire-Next steps, and New player guide. Ill trade you my soulbound one for your not soulbound one...because i need it, plus 5k
  19. Ok so you have the 'Getting Started' book that is soulbound and would exchange it for a non soulbound version + 5k?
  20. Yay got me a copy! Thanks so much Bat_King35787 for the trade :D

    And thanks to Doofni and xHaro for the offers and ofcourse Promo Yoda fendy for his help :D
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