Buying Someone's service to make me a storage area

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  1. Hey guys i need a storage area because i got WAY TO MUCH CRAP floating around my 8 residences and its time to put some organization skills into play so what i want is about a 400 double chest MANUAL sorting area yes MANUAL (This gives me something to do since who doesn't love sorting items in there spare time right?) so Ya price i was going to pay 50k to a lucky person

    Required Skills: Need to somewhat know who you are and if you can build at least
    I need to look at the design you are doing if i don't like it well you get to start over

    You will supply materials because what else would that 150k be for?

    Favourited materials are Smooth Sandstone Pine log and PINE leave yes PINE LEAVE not some stupid oak leave as well as glowstone because GLOWSTONE FTW!

    Only material i will supply are the chests because in the end I will be placing the chests down (Look how trust worthy i am)


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  2. Don't think we've met .. check out my basement on smp 6 lot 13500 .. can do similar for you
  3. Interesting
  4. Not to be rude, but I expect my storage project on smp4 to run me well over 200k, and it's manual and has under 400 items... I feel as if 100k's a low price, especially including digging.
  5. Come look at my storage area. SMP9 /v 18434. Go in the house, to your left around the corner and down the stairs to the basement. It is very practical but not that fancy looking but I can make it look fancy if you want.
  6. I can't show you my old HQ, but I could do something similar. My only peeve would be that a 400 chest room would run you a steep bill, especially since you don't supply. I don't think 100k will cut it, but good luck finding someone.
  7. Made the asking price 150k because I'm a cheap 100k was to see if it was reasonable or not
  8. To be honest, a "special looking design", or something you'd hire someone to do would usually run you that much for building alone... Are you looking for just organization, or a really jazzed up storage room?
  9. I know your building style... We have had some problems in the past, but I hope that we can overlook that and be professional about this. I can make it either manual or automatic?
  10. I would design you one from scratch for 150k + you pay for the materials I use.
  11. Some what of both i want to have it good looking but storage type for example i don't want some stone brick flowstone design but i don't want something that is so complex that you can't find anything
  12. Also i Noted i wanted it a manual Storage system not an automatic sorting system
  13. any response on my proposal?
  14. Hmmm 150k altogether or would u want more then that amount?
  15. I want 150,000 for my labor & design work, then you will either supply me the materials or I will charge you for them.
  16. so 200k? would be the end total basically u get material
  17. I will do it for 160k... Manual storage, and can I send you a SP world with the storage system?

    Remember your storage res across from the shop? Want it like that?
  18. nope.
  19. I'd consider design/build for 175, and the price would include materials...