[BUYING] Some Rare Items

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  1. So I am currently remaking my old promo shop and while I was tearing it down I thought it would be cool to have on the other half a place to look and see some of the promos. Now this place wouldn't be a huge museum of all of emc's most valuable promos but it would be a place that would show a lot of cool stuff and explain it so I need to buy some items to include in it.

    When I need an item I will post it on this thread.
    If you are interested in selling an item I have posted please post in this thread or PM me.

    Here are a few items I am buying at the moment!

    - NetherHound Egg 65k BOUGHT
    - Enraged Zombie Egg 90k BOUGHT
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  2. I will be adding more items that I will buy in the future!