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  1. Hi there! As some of you might know, I'm working on a pretty big project! (Geo-domes) I have quite a bit of materials, but I'm going to need some more. My res is 1254 on smp1. Here are the materials I need: Lapis(blue dye), iron, gold, diamonds, and glowstone. If anyone hase some thet they would like to sell to me, then please either sell it to me (iron and blue dye) or tell me how much you have. The prices are negotiatible, but here are the original prices:

    Lapis: 3r a dye (190r a stack) and 27r a block.
    Iron: 7r an ingot (400r a stack) and 63r a block.
    Gold: 9r an ingot (550r a stack) and 81r a block
    Diamond: 45r apice (2,850r a stack) and 405r a block
    Glowstone: 5r per dust and 20r a block

    Biggest Donors
    CNKilla187 Donated 4,000r and 2+ stacks of lapis!
  2. i will give u a couple stacks of diamond later :D
  3. i'll bring by a stack or iron blocks
  4. That works. BTW if i dont have enough rupees, wait for another day.
  5. ya i'll sell the rest in a day or two
  6. your res only buys lapis and iron can i plz sell u diamonds i have around 3 stacks
  7. Currently diamonds aren't top on my list of necescity, but when I need diamonds more, I'll tell you.