(Buying) Some Good Shovels And TnT (Maybe Even a Worker)

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  1. Yes Blah Blah Blah... I Need some really good Shovels I can buy to finish digging out my res. And Some TnT to make it go faster. Also If ya wanna help, A worker also :)
  2. Bump I really need it. I'll buy that turfanator thing if anyone has one.
  3. I have a Double Chest of Gunpowder in the Auction forums if it helps.. And I could probably get you a few nice shovels, a few Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Shovels?
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  4. Yea that'd be awesome :)
  5. Awesome! Will get onto it when on
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  6. i have a couple stacks of gunpowder i can make into tnt if you need it
  7. Great :)
  8. I have 39 pieces of TNT
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  9. I have stacks of tnt for sale if I can find you
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  10. Where is your res? How do I sell to you?
  11. Meet me on smp2 I'll tell u when I get home
  12. im a good digger and helper i can help!
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  13. (tip) combine an eff 4 book with shears to create an instant dirt destroying tool, without it taking duriblitiy
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  14. Really? Do you have an Eff 4 book for sale then?
  15. Have them Yet?
  16. And yes I will sell you a book. I have no xp right now
  17. Btw your Eff 4 on Shears didnt work for some reson. It took for ever to mine dirt. I really need some TnT right now.
  18. As I said I have a DC of gunpowder being Auctioned, and won't get on for around 3 hours.
  19. That is one of the quickest bumps I've ever seen...
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