[Buying] Snow Blocks

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  1. I need snow blocks for pixel art. 9 small chests, to be specific. I will pay 2800r per single chest, or 5600r for a double chest. If you can supply an exact number of single chests, reply to this thread and specify how many. If you don't have at least one single chest, or can't have the materials within a week, please don't comment. Thanks!
    Also, I will need the materials delivered to smp2.
  2. Bump. Is the payment too low?
  3. well... Snow is kind of expensive...

    I'd say that one snowball is 1r.
    since you need 4 for one block, it makes 4r per block.
    that means 64x4 is 256r per stack.
    one small chest is 30 slots if im correct
    256x30 is about 7950r per chest.
  4. It's 27 spaces

    and I wouldn't buy that over priced snow of yours :p.
  5. i would never sell snow for that much. just showing some calculations per chest based on some sales of snowballs i've seen.
  6. Sheesh, if it's that expensive I'll just get it myself. I don't think it's difficult enough to get to warrant that kind of price. Maybe I'll just accept snow donations at my res.
  7. i think my snow ball price is a bit over priced
  8. I wasn't originally going to say anything because of your first post, but it appears we've passed that. There have been three recent auctions of double chests of snow, SuperEskimo. They finished for 14k, 13k, and 7.3k. A range of 135 to 259r per stack.

    I had someone in town asking last night if I had any to sell them, and I did, but we couldn't settle on a price. I feel that it should be priced similarly to sandstone, which is maybe half the higher auction price I referred to above. Since you craft it like you would sand->sandstone and it eats shovels in a similar way, I think it's a fair analogy. Perhaps it could be justifiably priced higher since, unlike sandstone, you can only craft it and CAN'T mine it.

    He felt it wasn't worth as much, yet didn't feel inclined to pick up a shovel and dig it for free, even when I offered to help just to be nice. We were left at an impasse, since I would rather play/build/mine than shovel for a price lower than I could get for my effort somewhere else.