[BUYING] Snow Blocks

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  1. I am buying Snow Blocks, and will accept a range of between 16 blocks for 1-18r. Please reply if you sell snow or know anyone that sells snow. Thanks!
  2. my recommendation is to get either a silk touch pick or i think it's either a shovel or a spade that will do it too and go out to the wild in a snowy biome and spend an hour or two getting these yourself

    cheaper, more fun, etc
  3. ok, but if anyone knows someone who sells sand, please report it to me
  4. Bad suggestion.
    Make an enclosed area in wild.

    Brind a few snow blocks 2 minimun(from shop) and a shovel.
    You'll need a pumpkin.

    Fence some sort of 5x1 spot with a hole in the middle and make a snow golem
    Sno block
    Snow Block

    Then the block under it will have snow, use shovel to take it out, Done. It'll automatically have snow after you shovel it(like 1 click)
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  5. lol a snow golem, didn't know they had those