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  1. Im only buying in double chests.

    I need as many as possible..

    Name me a price, everything above 3000r each dbl chest is a no-go.
  2. You wont pay more then 3k per double chest?
  3. PT, I'll supply you with one double-chest of smoothstone/brick (I'll check which I have the most of).

    Price: 1 rupee.

    ...because a) money is silly, and b) you've helped me plenty of times.

    Set up a chest I can access, and I'll bring it over, in about an hour. Cheers.
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  4. Ill set up a chest for each (depending on what you pick) under "Suppliers Corner" teleport at SMP1 1783.

    And i appriciate it.

    We are setting up a huge redstone-run casino, and it takes time :D

    No, ofc not.