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  1. Ever had a slow horse and didn't know what to do with it. Well A dear friend invented a purpose for those horse that are in need of much love and attention as their fast counterparts.

    YES, you heard me, slow horses are now useful once again.
    What do you mean? Well Ximph being the good builder that she is, and much recognised builder on smp4, has build (just needs decor added) a jousting arena. See attached picture.
    Play with friends or train to compete with friends. the game is simple ride your horse and try hitting the lever on the redstone lamp facing you.
    Where does the horse speed come into play? Well here is the thing the faster your horse the more difficult it becomes so the slower the horse the more time you get to hit the lever and win the game. remember jousting is not a speed event its all about precision.
    The Title of this thread said BUYING? I'm getting to it.
    - I will offer 10k per horse under 55 speed (Buying 3 horses). PURCHASED
    - I will offer 5k per horse under 60 speed (Buying 3 horses). PURCHASED
    PM me SkareCboi to sell your horses.
    Where is this jousting arena? Well very simple. Go to 8724 on smp4 and use the tp near the middle of the res (next to fountain) at ground level, or try and find it by snooping area the res =P.

    Hope you have fun. (Don't forget to tell Ximph how good her builds are :p)
    Soon to be added Ximph's (8620, smp4) Slow horse Shop (Curently selling regular and fast horses)
  2. I have acquired the under 55 speed horses
    Now only buying 3 horses under 60 speed
  3. I know there was a reason for me to breed horses to get a really slow horses!!! xD

    I'll see what stats i have on mi horses but i think they are all 70 speed and higher
  4. hello people. just letting everyone know I have now found the horses i needed. so I am no longer looking for slow horses.

    However feel free to visit the jousting arena. Its lots of fun.
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  5. I have low speed horses, though only arounf 70-80 for sale at 19215 on smp9. 45r each