[Buying] Slime Farm

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  1. I am looking for an efficient slime farm. I don't want some crappy, small platform that lets slime spawn maybe every 6 mins. I want the full project done (only spawnable spaces in the farm, etc. I am willing to pay up to 10k, maybe 20 if 10 is too low for you. PM me on the forums if you want the job. I will not be supplying materials. I don't have a slime chunk found. If you want to build it, you would have to find the chunk or use a swamp.

    Here is a video to look off of for ideas, but you can use your own if you want:

    PM me if you want the job!
  2. OP Updated!
  3. Do you have a server preference? Also, about 1/10 of chunks are Slime chunks so perhaps you would like it near another farm you own?
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  4. umm, maybe. I don't really have a server preference, but smp2, smp7 and utopia are ones i would stay away from.
  5. i have plans for one with somebody else so i don't need to buy one anymore.