[BUYING] Slime Chunk.

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  1. Hey guys, im looking for a slime chunk. please private message me the price and i will see if i will take it.
  2. Well then you need to find it so easy is it just dig down to bedrock and bid out a room like 50x60x4 and 3 more layers floor up the make it spawn faster go 30 blocks away and watch it spawns! it's dosen't need dark to spawn it spawn in light and dark but use light to prevent other mobs to spawn instead of slime!
  3. Dig not bid Lol
  4. i know i need a chunk first
  5. I have no clue whats a chunk.
  6. 1out of 11 chunks spawns slimes
  7. I meant SLime chunks.
  8. 1 out of 10
  9. I dug out a 100x100x4 at y12 got tons of diamonds and stuff and ended up with 5 slime chunks
  10. i found a slime chunk but the cave had lava in most of it
  11. Someone explain to me what a slime chunk is?
  12. Water buckets ;)
  13. didn't have eney and later i forget where it was
  14. a chunk that slimes spawn in they don't just spawn everywhere they can only spawn in these specific chunks
  15. You could try using Rei's Minimap mod, which allows you to set named waypoints. If you can't or don't want to install a mod, you can open the Debug display by pressing F3. Write down or screenshot the coordinates which are listed as X:, Y:, and Z:.

    I've saved a bunch of coordinates for spawners and slime chunks using both of these methods.
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  16. I should find one of these, haha.
  17. chunks are 16x16 just so you all know.