[BUYING] Slime Chunk Location

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  1. I'm looking for a good sized slime chunk

    - I would prefer for it to be far from the spawn (wild) but maybe be a shorter distance in nether?
    - If you could find a location with barley activity that would be great
    - It can be on any server, but I'd prefer 3,7, or 9 more

    If your interested, or have questions please PM me on the forums
    (Price will be discussed in pm)
  2. how does one tell if a chunk is a slime chunk?

    i havent looked for one since like 1.5 and that was on utopia
  3. Still confused on that part lol
  4. Or better question, why do you need that many slimes
  5. For a project
  6. A chunk is a fixed size so there is no small or large slime chunk. Are you maybe asking for a group of chunks clustered together?

    1-in-10 of all chunks is a slime chunk. The way to tell is to clear a small spawning area in the chunk, then wait to see if slimes will spawn below Y=40.

    A random search basically means digging wide caves in the frontier until you get lucky :(
  7. I guess i should elaborate, are you trying to get slimeballs or slime blocks, cause for balls in bulk you could just do a darkroom spawner in a swamp. Blocks you need a larger quantity. And gotta try to find multiple slime chunks together
  8. Naw not that heheeh you'll see soon enough