[buying] Skins!

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  1. I am in need of a good skin maker, and i am willing to pay top dollor if the skins are created. If you would like to apply, please PM me about it. :)
  2. What kind of skins might you be looking for? And what kind of "top dollar money" are we talkin per skin?
  3. Is this even EMC legal? haha.......
  4. I already have someone else working on the skin, and the "Top dollor" depends on how well the skin is made.

    What do you mean by EMC legal?
  5. Well i know we are not allowed to sell certian things on here, such as spawners locations and the like, i'm not saying that there is anything wrong with selling skins to others....it just seems off to me :eek: just my opinion. Carry on !
  6. I am not selling skins, but looking for a skin maker
  7. Yes i know, i was just sharing my viewpoint!
  8. Sure, sure.
    That's what they ALL say....
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